ADA/COVID-19 Workshop - Webinar

Live Webinar,       September 16-17, 2020
Live Webinar,       September 30-October 1, 2020

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Due to COVID-19, NELI will be altering the format of this year’s ADA Workshop to be a LIVE WEBINAR Conference. The program will be presented over 2 days, with 3 hours of instruction per day.

NOTE: NELI has reduced the price of the Workshop because we are able to offer it in webinar format.

You may participate "live" and/or watch the recording at your convenience.

This year, David Fram will be presenting NELI’s renowned ADA Workshop as a live webinar, complete with comprehensive materials and the ability to interact with questions. In addition to the regular update of case law and agency positions, David will cover the multitude of practical COVID-19 questions that employers are handling.

DAY ONE: 11:30 am - 2:45 pm (Eastern) (includes 15-minute break)

  • Update on the Definition of "Disability"

    Update on how COVID-19 would be analyzed in the context of whether it is a “Disability” and discussion of the continuing wave of Court of Appeals cases on the definition of “disability” under the ADAAA, including cases on whether conditions are “impairments,” new "major life activities," how long a condition must last, how serious the condition must be, and practical tips on how supervisors can avoid “regarding” an individual as disabled.

  • Developments on Whether an Individual is "Qualified”

    Update on how “qualified” questions are affected by COVID-19, latest court cases and practical considerations on the meaning of “qualified,” whether employers may change job functions and quantity standards, the importance of up-to-date job descriptions, whether handling job stress, getting along with co-workers, regular attendance, overtime, and lifting are considered “essential,” and EEOC’s positions on attendance, shifts, and overtime, as well as important evidence concerning whether an individual is “qualified,” including the danger of inflated performance evaluations, inconsistent doctors’ notes, and representations by the employee in another forum.

  • Conduct Rules

    Analysis of particular conduct rules, such as policies on drugs (including state-legalized marijuana), alcohol, violence, safety, co-worker courtesy, and tardiness, and whether and when discipline must be rescinded if an employee breaks a conduct rule because of a disability.

    DAY TWO: 11:30 am - 2:45 pm (Eastern) (includes 15-minute break)

  • Update on Practical "Reasonable Accommodation" Issues

    Update on COVID-19 reasonable accommodation issues, including specific questions of work-at-home, leave, and protective equipment, as well as discussion of the latest Court of Appeals cases on practical reasonable accommodation issues, including critical new cases on the meaning of "reasonable," what technically triggers the duty to interact, when accommodations are not required, whether an employer will be “punished” for doing a “good deed” by providing more than required by the law, and particular accommodation requests such as leave (including repeated leave extensions), schedule adjustments, change of supervisors, non-competitive reassignment, work-at-home, shift changes, and a perfume-free workplace.

  • Requesting Medical Information Under the ADA

    Update on the myriad of COVID-19 questions, including asking employees about symptoms, about family members, taking employees’ temperatures and other issues, as well as latest cases and EEOC’s policies concerning the ADA's restrictions on medical questions and exams.

    Participants will receive a PDF link for the 49th Edition of "Resolving ADA Workplace Questions," an unparalleled research and reference workbook.


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    Webinars are convenient. You participate in the entire conference from your office or home using your computer and your log-in information. This Webinar will feature video and be interactive with an opportunity to submit questions throughout the program.


    You will receive an email from us with log-in instructions. If you do not receive the email within one (1) day of the Webinar, Please contact NELI


    NELI's programs are routinely approved for credit in all jurisdictions with such requirements and we expect this program to receive full accreditation provided that the jurisdiction approves Webinars. This Webinar will provide between 6.0-7.2 hours of MCLE credit depending upon the jurisdiction. Registrants may be required to file for credit on their own behalf in some jurisdictions. We will provide all necessary forms and proof of attendance. NELI is an approved provider of HRCI and SHRM for recertification credit. Credit will be given to registered participants only. Please contact NELI for more information.

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