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ADA In-House Training and Related Expert Witness Services

David K. Fram, Esq., NELI's Director of ADA Services, conducts in-house and virtual ADA training for employers, law firms, and bar associations. He also provides expert witness services during administrative proceedings and litigation.


David K. Fram, Esq conducts in-house and virtual ADA training for employers (including manufacturers, federal, state, and local governments, and universities), law firms, and bar associations. David has trained thousands of attorneys, HR professionals, and first-line managers.

Before joining NELI, David served as a Policy Attorney at the EEOC, where he helped formulate the federal guidelines implementing the ADA. He is the author of Resolving ADA Workplace Questions, the definitive ADA compliance guidebook.

As a professional speaker, David has been honored with the highest distinction by the National Speakers Association, an association comprised of the nation's premier speakers.

David's book, Raising the Bar: How to Give Outstanding Legal Presentations (2019), provides tips and techniques for lawyers preparing and delivering public presentations.

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